Welcoming Team Pilot Jake Shedroff

In the fall of 2019 at the Spookfest in Galion Oh I was already working on developing the relationship with Blue Bird Products Inc and forming the framework of what is now Bluebird Servo USA. With my “demo” planes loaded up with Bluebird servos I wanted to get people to try them out in my planes. Enter Jake Shedroff. Jake was a quiet gentleman who in a conversation around the fire one evening I told him he was welcome to try out my AJ Aircraft Raven. The next day Jake took the plane for a pull and unlike many folks he showed some respect for someone else’s equipment. He demonstrated great skill and competence as he put the Raven through its paces. This began the friendship.

Jake and his 92" Skywing Edge 540

Fast forward to December 2019 through January 2020 Jake and I continued to talk, and I shared my ideas for Bluebird Servo USA. Long story short, Jake is a fantastic professional web developer for his career, and he built and set up the website that is the hub of our humble business. Jake continues to maintain and make improvements on the site as needed.

Take another leap in time to August of 2020. I was able, with little effort, to get Jake to attend the Great Lakes Fly in hosted by Weak Signals RC club in Erie Michigan (which he flew into from his new home state of Arizona). What Jake did not know is this was the “try out” for what would be the first team pilot spot for Team Bluebird Servo USA. I did not have a full understanding of what level of pilot Jake truly was. He flew all my planes and simply put, impressed the heck out of me. It was at this time I made the decision to bring Jake onboard with Bluebird Servo USA. His skill, knowledge, enthusiasm and all-around nice guy demeanor is what makes Jake a fantastic addition to the team. Jake, in addition to being our Team Pilot Captain is also involved in the day to day operations of Bluebird Servo USA and is absolutely one of the go-to guys for help with any of your RC set up needs.

So, who is Jake Shedroff and what is he all about in the RC world? Jake started his RC flying career when he was 10 years old after attending a local airshow with his father Steve. Jake found a passion in model aircraft, particularly with the low and slow 3D flying style. Soon after signing off from the training program, he started helping his local club by being an instructor himself in the same program. He would continue to run that program for several years until making a move to Phoenix AZ. To this day, He still enjoys meeting up with his father at the field on many weekend mornings and burning some gas and electrons together.

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