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Welcoming Team Pilot Grayson Elmer (and dad)

I met Grayson at the 2020 Spookfest in Galion Ohio (my first one was in 2017, and continues to be one of my favorite events) and saw immediately that this young fellow had some serious skills. I think Grayson flew more than any of the other guys at the event. Grayson was one of the first pilots flying each day, and definitely the last, flying well past anyone else. Grayson and his dad (Dwight) stood out to me on the flight line, because like my dad and myself, they are a great father son team, and enjoy the hobby together. Dwight is also a fantastic pilot, and also flew a ton during the event.

A happy Grayson and his Bluebird Servos

The following Monday after Spookfest, I messaged Mike to tell him all about the event, but specifically this really cool father son duo I met. I sent Mike the Elmer's Youtube page to allow Mike to see what I saw in Grayson's flying skills. Mike seemed impressed with him, and asked that I set up a chat and video call with them to meet them. Mike and I agreed they would make a fantastic addition to the team. A few messages later, not one, but 2 sets of servos were on their way for the boys to try.

Dwight set up Grayson's new 91" EF laser with a set of BLS-H51B monster servos, and his 52" EF Slick with the BMS-390V's. From the reports we got, Dad did not get much stick time on the new Laser, but Grayson loved the responsiveness and power these servos have. I think they are hooked!

Grayson and his 91" EF Laser

Grayson is 9 years old, and has been coming to the flying field with Dad since he was in diapers. He has been flying for 6 of those years, and has progressed very quickly (as expected from someone his age). Grayson has also been involved in Camp AMA and a pilot for the annual Wings For Kids show held in Louisville KY with proceeds going to the Children's Hospital. At such a young age, he has already made so many good buddies. The Sky is the limit, and his dad is very proud of his accomplishments.

With Grayson being so young, we wanted to present him with the opportunity not only to represent our brand and products, but to grow as a pilot and learn communication skills along the way.

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