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Available for special order only. Due to the popularity of the brushless line of servos we won’t be stocking these for the time being. They are readily available though for special order. Please call or email if you have questions about this. 

Torque At 6.0V   42.2 kg-cm / 586.2 oz-inTorque At 7.4V   50.1 kg-cm / 695.9 oz-inTorque At 8.4V   54.2 kg-cm / 752.8 oz-inSpeed At 6.0V   0.13 sec / 60°Speed At 7.4V   0.11 sec / 60°Speed At 8.4V   0.09 sec / 60° 
Protection Mechanisms
Soft Start Protection
Over Voltage Protection
Low Voltage Protection
Locked Rotor Protection
Temperature Protection

Power Supply
Operating Voltage
4.5V ~ 8.5V ( 4 ~ 6 Cell Ni-MH or 2S Li-Poly / 2S Li-Fe) 
Control Specifications 
Control SystemDigital Controller / AD 12-Bits Resolution ( 4096 Steps )Frequency:333Hz / Neutral:1520usDead Band Width0.001ms ( Default:1us) 
Mechanical Specifications
Ball BearingDual, SteelGearAll Steel Alloy Metal Helical GearsOutside CaseFull One-Piece Aluminum CNC CasingMotorHigh-Efficiency Japan Coreless MotorHorn / Gear Spline25 Teeth ( Same as F-Type )

BMS-H51C Coreless Servo Helical Gears